Welcome to Media Nursery, a full service brand marketing and video production company that helps you create, edit, and produce the best possible videos and marketing campaigns to share with the world.

Founded in 2010, Media Nursery has managed projects from ABC, Trailer Park, Funny or Die, Above Average, Cracked, Goodness MFG, Mashable, Blip.TV, OGMOG, Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy, Seventeen Magazine, and more.

Along with providing services for innovative social media strategies and media campaigns, Media Nursery offer decades of experience to ensure your media will be seen by the right people.


Media Nursery wants a world with better content. We believe that ads can be better, and offer more value to the people that see them. We believe that work should be rewarding.


Media Nursery has the single goal of making great content for great companies. We want to put in the extra hours to make something special for quality brands.


Media Nursery works with simple, dynamically scaling creative teams, meaning that you don’t get charged for our costly over head. We achieve innovative creative by working outside of the typical advertising box.

/Posted by: Stephen Perlstein

Rise of the Tomb Raider – Best Retail Marketing Campaign Case Study Video

Midnight Oil worked on an incredible marketing campaign for Square Enix’s 2016 release of Rise of the Tomb Raider. When it was time to be recognized for the work, and submit for the PromaxGAMES Awards 2017, Midnight Oil came to Media Nursery to make the video that would tell the story, and to ratchet up the pressure, Midnight Oil said Media Nursery only had 48 hours to get the job done.

Pulling a couple all nighters, Media Nursery wrangled thousands of assets from Square Enix, Midnight Oil, Gamestop, EB Games, Target, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Amazon, Instagram, Best Buy, user generated content, and tons tons more, to put together this incredibly compelling case study video that helped Midnight Oil bring home the prize at the 2017 PromaxGames Awards.

/Posted by: Stephen Perlstein

Netflix’s Grace and Frankie – Motion Billboard

Netflix wanted to advertise their second season of Grace and Frankie in a big way, in the heart of New York City, Times Square. In partnership with Midnight Oil, Media Nursery took existing footage from the show, graphic elements, and a bit of elbow grease to put together these two deliverables to help inspire the people in the city that never sleeps to stay up a little later and binge Grace and Frankie.

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